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Sevylor Aventure Plus Inflatable Canoe

Review by Duffer and Codger

The Sevylor Adventure Plus demo boat arrived along with the Adventure and Colorado for us to test. The Adventure Plus is the big brother to the Adventure and has capacity for a small paddler sat between the bow and stern paddler (a small centre childs seat is included).

The Adventure Plus can provide a useful combination of tandem or tandem plus paddling and as such is a very versatile family inflatable kayak.

Sevylor Adventure Plus Review

The Fit Test

Pre paddle checks included full inflatation on the gargen lawn and a careful Mk1 eyeball over the construction. The Adventure Plus is sensibly priced to be “more affordable” than some other Sevylor models. There are cheap inflatables on the market that are best left in the box (we don’t sell these).  Then we have what we call “more affordable” kayaks. More affordable has to mean far better quality than cheap and represent good value for money. Adventure Plus satisfies the criteria of being “more affordable” offering better quality and good value for money.  Yes it fits in the Fridge Fairy’s Mini (but we know this already). Sevylor have a boat with similar family orientated qualities in the Hudson.

Seats on the Sevylor Adventure Plus Adventure Plus Packs up small inflatable

Inflation (not the expensive type)

We used both foot and hand pumps inflating the Adventure Plus. The job was done in no time using the hand pump as pictured below. Follow the instructions and use the pressure gauge for best results.

Foot Pump Hand Pump

Deflation & Packing Away

It is one of those laws of physics you must accept.

What comes out of the box won’t go back into the box.

Release the air by opening the valves and 90% of the air is gone.

Then fold it, roll it, lay on it or shout at it and you are still left with 10% of the air inside the boat. Bring on “Super Foot Pump”. By changing the hose from the discharge side to the suction side simply suck out the last 10% and voila the air is gone.

Ditch the box, dry it off and re-pack in the bag provided – job done.

The hand pump is brilliant for inflating and the foot pump is brilliant for dragging the last of the air out before putting the boat away.

Sevylor Adventure Plus Paddle Report

After an hour in the Sevylor Adventure we were quite looking forward to Paddling Adventure Plus.

What a difference a few extra inches makes to a man!
When paddling that is – shame on you!

The extra room in the boat was comfort personified.

Lightweight Inflatable Kayak Adventure Plus 2+1 Adventure Plus Inflatable Kayak

The test was not totally fair as the “two bloke” combination is probably not the norm. Having she who must be obeyed in the front of either Colorado or Adventure would have increased the room in the boat for the old man. However, as it was a cold December paddle on top of Bodmin Moor, she demonstrated her superior intelligence and stayed at home in the warm.

We really liked paddling Adventure Plus and just like Adventure the boat is more canoe style than kayak so we paddled with single bladed canoe paddles. We must again mention Hudson here. Hudson is of similar dimensions to Adventure Plus (in a superior build quality) but we tend to paddle Hudson as a kayak not a canoe.

Adventure Plus also took the choppy windy conditions with ease. Considering Inflatable’s are more suited to fair weather paddling their performance is very good.

Tracking Fin

The Sevylor Adventure comes supplied with an optional tracking fin that you can fit if required. Tracking fins make it easier to control the boat as do rudders. However, the best method of all is to use your paddles more expertly.

Adventure Plus Tracking Fin

Learn to paddle your inflatable without a tracking fin or rudder then when the time comes that they malfunction you will still be in charge.

The Adventure is a good addition to the Sevylor range. A good quality more affordable inflatable canoe that does what it says on the tin (or box).

Take care, as a nice experience with your inflatable canoe or kayak could (we hope) spark further interest in paddlesport requiring greater investment in my/our stores.
It is our job to sell you the best toys that you want to buy.  

Launching the Adventure Plus on Siblyback Lake Canoeing Inflatable Adventure Plus

Inflatable Advice by Numbers!

  1. You need two brain cells to paddle inflatable’s safely – one for the wind and one for the tide!
  2. Store them properly and they will give long and good service.
  3. Inflatable’s are a compromise and will not do what a 12 foot rigid kayak does, but then putting a 12 foot rigid kayak into the boot of a Mini is also a challenge.
  4. If you are fortunate to have access to a loft then semi inflate your Sevylor kayak in the loft for winter storage. This avoids long term creases in the fabric.
  5. Whilst your kayak is not a tent, both tents and kayaks should be well aired before longer term storage. The fabric will not rot but will go mouldy



Take apart split paddles are good but one piece paddles are better if you have the room. We were content with the canoes paddles we used on the test & Sevylor do make a good selection of paddles. We also stock & sell wooden canoes paddles which are shiny, warm & nice. Back to the shampoo adverts “you’re worth it” buy yourself a wooden canoe paddle as a treat.



Duffer , Codger

The Canoe Shops Group Ltd.   

December 2011




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