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Gumotex Spare Parts

Replacement Parts & Spares for Gumotex Inflatables

Gumotex Inflatable kayaks, canoes and small boats are renowned for their high quality construction and durability. All Gumotex Inflatables come with a full warranty. However, if you have lost a part or require a replacement for an older craft we offer the following spares & replacement parts shown below.

Gumotex Solar Seat

Removable seat to fit the Gumotex Solar, can be fitted in any of the three seating positions.


Gumotex Thaya Seat

Replacement or third seat for the Gumotex Thaya.


Gumotex Seat for Seawave & Twist

An extra seat for use in the Gumotex Seawave, Twist or Twist 2 Models.


Gumotex Seat Bolt/Nut (1 Piece)

A replacement nut & bolt for Gumotex bench seat systems.


Gumotex Palava Seat

A replacement (or third) seat that can be fitted into the Gumotex Palava.


Gumotex Push Push Inflation Valve

Replacement push-push inflation valves for Gumotex inflatables. Specialised valve wrench tool required to fit. Found in the chambers of most Gumotex models


Gumotex Valve Wrench (metal)

Specialised metal tool required for removing & fitting of push-push inflation & over pressure valves.


Gumotex Elastick Glue (15g) Tube

Small tube of Elastick repair glue in 15g tube. Used for sticking Nitrilon repair patches to Gumotex inflatables. Can also be used for other small repairs.


Gumotex Push-Push Valve Adaptor

Replacement adaptor for Gumotex push-push valves allowing standard push fit inflation pumps to be used to inflate.


Gumotex Tracking Fin and Patch

Replacement tracking fins and patches for Gumotex inflatable kayaks.


Gumotex Nitrilon Repair Material

Gumotex Nitrilon repair material for larger repairs/projects.


Gumotex Nitrilon Repair Kit

A small repair kit for Gumotex Nitrilon material, supplied in a handy box.


Sevylor Easy Inflation Manometer Pressure Gauge

An in-line manometer that checks the pressure of the Sevylor kayaks chamber as it is being inflated.


Gumotex Over Pressure Valve

Replacement valve that protects the air chamber from over inflation and over pressure due to impact or heat expansion.

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