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Inflatable Repair Kits

Blowup Canoe & Kayak Puncture Repair Kits

Puncture repair kits for inflatable, kayaks and boats. Glue, patches and repair material for Gumotex Nitrilon and Sevylor PVC bladders.

Gumotex Elastick Glue (15g) Tube

Small tube of Elastick repair glue in 15g tube. Used for sticking Nitrilon repair patches to Gumotex inflatables. Can also be used for other small repairs.


Gumotex Nitrilon Repair Material

Gumotex Nitrilon repair material for larger repairs/projects.


Gumotex Nitrilon Repair Kit

A small repair kit for Gumotex Nitrilon material, supplied in a handy box.


Stormsure Canoe Repair Kit

Stormsure complete inflatable canoe/ kayak puncture repair kit complete with self adhesive patches and repair glue.


Stormsure Flexible Repair Glue 3 x 5g

Stormsure glue is a flexible polyurethane-based (PU) adhesive that is ideal for repairing PVC inflatable kayaks and canoes or their bladders.

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