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Inflatable Rafts & Boats - easy to transport and store

Inflatable Boats & Rafts

Inflatable Boats for Outboards and Rafts for Rapids

Our range of inflatable inflatable boats & rafts from Gumotex includes recreational craft such as the Ruby XL  which can be mounted with small petrol or electric models. We are also pleased to offer the full range of Gumotex rafts and whitewater boats including the smaller Gumotex Baraka and Gumotex Pulsar 380, 420, 450 & 560 whitewater rafts. The majority of these are specialist models, available on a to-order basis. Please feel free to call us to discuss lead times.

Gumotex Ruby XL

A lightweight inflatable boat suitable for use with a small outboard motor. The Ruby XL has three seats and can be rowed, paddled or motored and is easily launched without the need for a slipway. Ideal for family exploring on rivers or estuaries.


Gumotex Baraka

The Baraka is a 2/3 person boat with a self bailing floor, rigid seats & quick release thigh straps. Ideal for white water up to grade 3 as well as more sedate trips, the Baraka is a high specification go-anywhere inflatable canoe with many useful features.


Gumotex Pulsar

Hard wearing, safe & designed with self bailing floors, safety ropes & reinforced sides. The Pulsar range is ideal for centres, rafting businesses & expedition use. Available in a range of sizes and material specifications.

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