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Double 2 Seat and 3 Seat Kayaks

Tandem & 3 Seat Inflatable Kayaks

Family and Tandem Inflatable Kayaks for sale

Our range of inflatable tandem kayaks are designed to carry 2 people; be it two adults or one adult and a child. Some of our tandem models from Sevylor,  Gumotex and Aqua Marina have adjustable seats meaning they can also be paddled solo.

2+1 kayaks are designed to carry 2 adults and a child in a smaller centre seat. Our range of tandem & 2+1 kayaks are compact when packed so easy to store and transport. The list below shows our range of tandem & 2 adult + 1 child inflatable kayaks.

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Sevylor Hudson

The Sevylor Hudson is a large tandem kayak with room for two adults and a child as well as plenty of gear. Very stable and easy to paddle.

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Sevylor Madison

The Sevylor Madison is the successor to the Colorado. It combines an extraordinary mix of manoeuvrability, stability and comfort. Can be configured as a solo or tandem.


Gumotex Twist N 2/1

The Gumotex Twist 2 is compact and lightweight whilst being as simple to use as possible. A great all round inflatable kayak that weighs only 13kg. The latest model sees the addition of centre seat attachments, allowing for solo or tandem use.


Gumotex Seashine

Top of the range inflatable tandem kayak with a dropstitch floor and aluminium bars for extra reinforcement. Can be used solo or tandem with optional removable decks for each configuration.


Gumotex Solar

Popular inflatable that can be configured to paddle as a solo, tandem or even 3 person inflatable with the optional third seat. Like most of the Gumotex range the Solar is constructed from durable & quick drying Nitrilon.


Gumotex Thaya

Using the latest drop-stitch technology and durable Nitrilon material, the Thaya offers a high pressure hull design for excellent performance and comfort. Great for two paddlers, but can be paddled solo. Can also be fitted with an optional 3rd seat if required.


Gumotex Swing 2

A lightweight double touring kayak from the performance inflatable manufacturer Gumotex. The Swing 2 is ideal for longer journeys and weekend camping expeditions yet can fold down into a large rucksack!


Gumotex Rush 2

A drop-stitch floor and Nitrilon construction combined with a sharp bow design makes the Rush 2 an excellent performer for coastal paddling and great for touring. Seats can be set up for tandem or solo paddling.


Gumotex Seawave

The Seawave is a hugely versatile and high performing sea & touring kayak capable of long distances & expeditions. Available as a standard spec or as a 'set' with closed cockpit deck for 1 or 2 paddlers, as well as optional rudder and 3rd seat.


Sevylor Alameda

Designed to carry up to 2 adults & 1 child the Alameda offers performance, stability and comfort for all the family.


Sevylor Colorado

A popular one/two person kayak, utilising a hard-wearing outer cover, and removable inflatable chambers on the inside.

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Sevylor Adventure Plus

An inflatable kayak with three seats to take 2 adults and a small child out as a family.

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Aqua Marina Memba 390

A heavy-duty tandem inflatable kayak from  Aqua Marina, featuring a drop-stitch floor and supplied with seats, paddles, pump and a transport bag.


Aqua Marina Steam 412

A general purpose, tandem kayak package that can be use on sheltered and easy grade white-water.

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