Gumotex Seawave Tandem Kayak

Gumotex Seawave Tandem Kayak

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Seawave Tandem Kayak From Gumotex
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Gumotex Seawave

Gumotex Seawave & Seawave Set

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The Seawave from Gumotex is probably one of the most versatile inflatable kayaks we have seen. At 4.5m long and 80cm wide this is a sleek kayak with an excellent turn of speed. The kayak has a larger central air chamber giving a pronounced V shape to the hull allowing superb straight line tracking, further enhanced by a removable alloy skeg at the stern. The hull material is super tough Nitrilon which being a single skin construction is light, easily dried and can take more pressure than the traditional and cheaper ‘bladder’ construction.

The standard Seawave main boat comes with two comfortable inflatable seats to form a high specification kayak for two and is more than capable of taking you out for an expedition along your local river, canal, lake or even on the sea if the weather is good. Additionally, one of the seats can be taken out and the other moved slightly forward to create a large single kayak without needing to purchase any additional fittings. There is also room for an optional third seat in this configuration if an older child is also looking to come along for the ride and this seat can be bought as an extra.

If you are looking to paddle in more demanding conditions - rougher seas or on colder days, then you may want to opt for the complete Seaweave Set. This version comes with both the 2 person deck kit which turns the Seawave into an inflatable closed cockpit touring kayak. The Set comes with alloy cross braces which support a waterproof fabric deck with cockpits for far superior weather protection as well as providing even more stiffness to the hull. The set also includes the optional 3rd seat, rudder kit and 2 x spraydecks which allow the paddlers to fully enclosed and protected from the elements. All the components the come in the set can be purchased as separate individual components if you don't need everything - including a single person cockpit kit to convert the Seawave into a versatile solo expedition inflatable. See our recommended accessories for details.

Please call our knowledgeable staff if you have any questions on the Seawave and its various options.

Features (on both Seawave and Seawave Set)

  •     Drain opening at the boat´s stern
  •     Peripheral Velcro for fixation of the cockpit
  •     Adjustable footrest
  •     Comfortable inflatable seat with backrest
  •     Grab handles for easy handling
  •     Safety ropes on the side tubes
  •     Fixture for tracking fin
  •     Tracking fin
  •     Push-push valves
  •     Safety relief valve in the bottom of the boat
  •     Repair kit
  •     2x Removable Seats
  •     Transport drybag 100l

Additional Features (included only with Seawave Set)

  • Easy to Assemble Rudder Kit
  • 2 x Gumotex Zipped Spraydecks
  • Cockpit Cover Kit (Two Persons)


  •     No. of Persons: 1, 2 or 3
  •     Length: 455cm
  •     Width: 80cm
  •     Weight: 17.5kg
  •     Capacity: 250kg
  •     Pack Size: 68 x 40 x 30cm
  •     Material: Nitrilon®

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