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Canoe or Kayak?

Difference between an Inflatable Canoe and Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable Canoes or Inflatable Kayaks are often refereed to as one of the same, as are the terms "canoeing" or "kayaking" which are used as generic terms for paddlesport craft.

As a general rule of thumb, a "canoe" is paddled with a single blade paddle from a higher seating position or from a kneeling position. Whereas a "kayak" is paddled with a double blade paddle from a sitting position.

The difference is often blurred as there's nothing stopping either types of craft from being paddled with any paddle providing the paddle is of a suitable length.

Tandem & 3 Seat Inflatable Kayaks

Tandem Inflatable Kayaks for sale

Tandem inflatable kayaks are paddled with a double bladed paddle and often offer versatile seating options including solo paddling by re-positioning a seat into the central position, tandem paddling from two seating positions or sometimes a 3rd passenger can sit in the central position

Tandem Inflatable Canoes

Tandem Inflatable Canoes for sale

Traditional canoe style inflatables, normally paddled using a canoe paddle with a single blade. Most models can be paddled solo from central position and have space for plenty of kit or a child passenger.

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